Structures for photovoltaics and agrovoltaics tailored to your project

Why a system from us

We produce and install a wide range of our own structures for photovoltaics, including agrovoltaics. We will help you with both smaller projects and extensive systems for the most demanding customers.

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Structures for photovoltaics

A comprehensive solution for the implementation of photovoltaic power plants. Take advantage of the system developed and produced in the Czech Republic, which guarantees high quality and the most efficient use of solar energy. Our structures will make an extremely strong support for your solar panels. We will take care of everything – from the design, tensile tests, installation, to building fences.

Structures for agrovoltaics

Why should you just shade your greenhouse when you can get so much more out of protecting your crops? We will take care of various types of structures for agrovoltaics. From apple trees, through saplings, to containered plants or berries, we will provide you with perfect high-quality structures for solar panels everywhere. Invest in the future and use solar energy as efficiently as possible.

We will take care of the installation

We have 4 installation teams in the Czech Republic, which will take care of all the work associated with the installation, from the foundation of structures, ramming profiles, to the installation of panels. Take advantage of the fact that you can do everything under one roof – from design to installation.

About us

It all started with shading a greenhouse. But why settle for just covering it up when we can produce electricity? This is how our path to the production of structures for photovoltaics, including agrovoltaics, began. In order to maximize the output of solar power plants, we also began to produce structures directly among agricultural crops.

Today, we have a wide portfolio of products that can help any projects. We cooperate with leading research institutes and ČVUT to verify technical capabilities and optimize designs, and thanks to large production capacities, we can offer every customer the ideal solution for their project. Why not start with a non-binding consultation?

4 installation teams

Experience from large projects

Cutting-edge technologies

Comprehensive tailor-made services

All certifications

What we've achieved

FVE Přibyslavice u Velkého Meziříčí

Bragen PV System structure for terrestrial photovoltaics with an installed capacity of 1MWp.

FVE Ochoz u Konice

Bragen PV System structure with an installed capacity of 3MWp for the general contractor Solar Global.

FVE Poolšaví u Pravčic

For the general contractor Solar Global, we installed our Bragen PV System with an installed capacity of 420 kWp.

AGV Litomyšl

For Litomyšl Nurseries, we are implementing an Agrovoltaic power plant over containered and berry plants, expected output of up to 6 MWp.

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